Arricciacapelli: come scegliere


As the name suggests, curling tongs have the task of curling our hair if we wish and if we don’t already have it. Some have moved them and smooth them with dedication and those who have them smooth and would like them to move, with voluminous ringlets. Fortunately, today with good quality equipment you can pursue your desires without ruining your hair’s health. Let’s see what types of exist and which ones do for us. curling

Curling irons: types

The two main categories are the brush and the irons, let’s see how they work and what differences there are,

The curling iron with irons, also called thermal brushes , composed of a surface of material suitable for being heated so that locks can be rolled up to make them curl. There are various different models, of this category, which have irons of various shapes: there are the smooth ones, or double or triple wave and spiral. Most of these devices have ceramic irons, the best material for now, because they can ensure uniform heat distribution.

Let’s move on to the other type, the one with a real brush that can be flat or round. This brush curls the hair giving off a warm air flow. Usually used on wet or damp hair and in some more advanced models it is also possible to regulate the temperature and the air flow emitted.

Curling irons: how to choose

If every now and then we want some curls on our heads and we don’t have any natural ones, we can decide to buy one of these small appliances, thus avoiding going to the hairdresser every two to three. They are not difficult to use and they give us the freedom to treat our hair as we want, for a special occasion but also for everyday life.

Today we find many types of curling irons on the market and it is not easy to choose which one is needed by us, which responds to our aesthetic but also budget needs.

Among the items to keep in mind when buying a curling iron, the essential ones to look at are the materials with which it was made, the temperature, the technology used and any accessories that can be very convenient if we like to be creative with our hair.

If we want a professional and high quality model we must also look at the material with which the handle is made but above all the one that will then overheat to curl the hair. We try to buy a model that has ceramic because, by heating it very evenly and having a smooth surface, it does not damage our hair and we can use the appliance without hesitation.

The possibility of regulating the temperature is very important because in this way we can identify the one that does not ruin our hair making it overheat. If instead the temperature is fixed, the risk is there, especially if it has to do with thin or brittle hair that less tolerate too high temperatures. In general, the ideal temperature range is between 160 and 230 degrees Celsius. These temperatures should not damage the hair, even the most fragile, but to be careful it would be better to subject them to a treatment with a protective spray based on keratin.

Among the extra functions of professional devices we can also find the possibility to decide the width of the iron diameter to be able to choose what kind of curl we want. While purchasing a quality curling iron, use must be limited. Even the best appliances if applied every day on the hair end up ruining them.


Curling irons and thermal rollers

Se avete già cercato in commercio una soluzione per avere dei riccioli, molto probabilmente avete incontrato anche i bigodini termici come opzione, o la spazzola arricciacapelli. Quest’ultima non è altro che un ferro di forma cilindrica da cui fuoriescono le setole che girano attorno alla punta dell’apparecchio mentre viene emesso un getto di aria verso l’esterno, proprio come si trattasse di un asciugacapelli.

Il miglior utilizzo di questa spazzola prevede la presenza di capelli bagnati o almeno umidi ma potendo regolare la temperatura, è possibile usarla anche con i capelli asciutti per dare una leggera piega. Anche questa volta è possibile in alcuni casi scegliere il diametro e avere delle spazzole intercambiabili con caratteristiche differenti.

As for the rollers, to understand how they work we can easily imagine the classic rollers, the ones once used, but equipped with a technology that warms them. It is therefore necessary to attach them to the socket and wait for them to reach the right temperature and then apply them to the hair by rolling them around. The temperatures reached are decidedly less than those of curling irons but it is equally important to pay attention when handling. Once the curlers have been treated, it is advisable to use a fixing product.

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Pubblicato da Marta Abbà il 4 Maggio 2019